Friday, September 16, 2011

~ The Off Season ~

This little corner of my bathroom gets the most attention when I stand in my bathtub to adjust the shutters. Let's face it ... I'm a shower kind of gal. However I still thought it was the perfect place to display these beautiful ... unusually turquoise ... mercury glass candle holders.

I would like to say that I bought them in some cute, out-of-the-way antique shop or boutique. Oh no. I bought them at Target and I bought them just a few days before Christmas at a whopping discount. I'm sorry ... I did not hear "ho ho ho" when I saw them, it was more like "splish splash, I am takin' a bath."

So, let's vote: Bath or Shower? Which floats your boat?

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  1. I love long soaking baths in lots of lavender scented bubbles, but daily my bathing routine of choice is a shower.

    Love the candle holders and color. What a Christmas time find!

  2. I too am a shower kind of girl! Loving the candle holders and the new blog :)

  3. If I had time to bathe and didn't feel like I filled the tub so ... snugly, I would take more baths. But showers are pretty good, though I would like one of those showers with all the different nozzles, resembling a human car wash.