Monday, June 24, 2013

~ More Target Bargains ~

So ... I have an herb garden.

Those are words that I never actually expected to spill forth from this mouth.

It all started when one of my daughters tempt-texted me with a picture of some herb labels that were on sale ... you know where.

When I went to my (one of about 7 within close proximity to my home) Target, they didn't have any left in the herbs I would want to plant ... so I pretty much gave up on the idea.

Yes.  I admit it.  I was in it for the labels more than I was in it for the herbs.

However ... later in the week ... finding myself at a different Target, I found these colorful little signs sporting the names of my herbs of choice.

I actually purchased these plants at WalMart, which had a much better/healthier selection than the large home renovation store I went to earlier in the week.  Just sayin'.

The oddest part about this whole process is how thrilled I was to plant them and add their color to my porch.  Even odder is that I plan to actually cook with them.

Yes.  I said cook.

And to add to my Target bargain-y week ... I found this very plain (but oval shaped) lamp shade on yet a different day.  It cost me a whopping $11.88.

The price ... sweet.  The shade ... dull.

So using some ribbon I had owned for a couple of years (which under Section 2.8 of the Bargain Code officially pronounces it free) ...

I embellished the shade using a fabric glue stick. 

I'm not gonna lie ... I am very proud of my weekend's work.

How was your weekend?
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Monday, June 17, 2013

~ Turquoise from Target ~

I was beyond giddy to see these lovely blue canning jars at my favorite shopping establishment.

I knew immediately that ...
(a) I had to own them and ...
(b) I would clearly not use them for canning.

I love them with out anything in them because of the way the light bounces off of them.
I can't wait to use them for lemonade.

And they came in quite handy when a friend dropped some gerber daisies at my door.


Thank you Target!
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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

~ iTold you there were more! ~



to see the (growing) variety of

Coastal iPad Covers
(with a phone pocket on the back!)
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Monday, June 10, 2013

~ iSea some fun iPad Covers ~

I am finally able to add these happy, beach loving iPad cover to my

Etsy Shop.

 To add to the fun and convenience, I've attached a phone pocket on the back.

You can find this crabby friend .... here.

This fun sailboat sports some turquoise and red.

Which truly matches my turquoise phone, and can be found ... here.

My whale friend is naturally polka dot.

With some happy orange contrast.
You can find him ... here.
Thanks for your patience.

There are still more to come ...
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Monday, June 3, 2013

~ The Spice of Sea Life ~


Most quilters who have been at it for a number of years, tend to lean towards a certain style or palette of colors.

About 5 years ago, when I made my choice as to where I would lean ... I chose the subject matter.

Having chosen to sew all things coastal, I have opened up my heart, mind and ... stash ... to a myriad of possiblilites.  This has been ever so apparently (and delightfully fun!) to me these past few weeks as I have worked on this project.

I am making iPad covers to sell here  at The JOY Expo this Saturday, June 8th.
With every single one, I tried to envision some new individual's style and palette, while still able to keep to my subject matter.

It has been an absolute JOY.
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