Saturday, September 3, 2011

~ Glassy-Eyed ~

Sometimes ... whether I am thirsty or not (for water, milk or Diet Dr. Pepper) ... I just like to open my cupboard where I keep my glasses. I marvel at the dots. I do love dots. I got them at IKEA. I've noticed that IKEA likes dots too.

I am also very fond of these taller glasses that are particularly narrow. I got these at Home Goods. Home Goods likes to sell you things in quantity, and that's just how I bought them. Two packages of ten. I have yet to need more that that at one sitting. I tried to locate the dots for you, but alas, they have gone their way of the wrapping paper. (Did you know that IKEA doesn't sell wrapping paper anymore? What is with that? )
I am very fond of these 'wave' glasses here which are begging to have some orange juice in them. Or some Diet Dr. Pepper.

Sorry about the dots.
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