Tuesday, February 25, 2014

~ Seascape II: Now in the 21st Century ~

I apologize most profusely for my lack of attention here.  I just want it on the record that 
It's not entirely my fault.

My computer ... officially older than dirt ... gave me so many Blue Screens that I was actually beginning to lose my fondness for the color Blue.  Until a new computer was purchased and installed, I was forced to avoid any action involving pictures which seemed to upset the old gal.

To add to the fun, when I was finally up and running again, Blogger and Picasa got into some sort of a fight and would not play well together,
Has anyone else had this problem?

In the meantime, I spent a great deal of time sewing on my latest project, this fun little Seascape, complete with a lush green beach and some happy little star fish -- both on the sand and under water.

When it came time to machine quilt the sand, I decided to give myself a challenge: Pebble Stitching. In the end, we are talking about 6 hours of pebble stitching.
I can officially say that I have improved my skills at pebble stitching.

Oh it feels good to be back in the cyberspace saddle.

I am really enjoying the 21st Century!
And loving the color Blue once again.

Monday, February 10, 2014

~ Supplies ~ Shopping ~

So ... I was gone last week on a quick jaunt over to (my former home of) 
the great state of Arizona.

The purpose of my trip was to see friends ... which I did with abandon ... but also to stock up on a few needed supplies.  Along with shopping at my former place of employment, Bernina Connection, I also happened upon the happy accident that was the AQS Show where I spent one day and a whole lot of moola.

One of the "needs" on my list were some fabrics with sparkle.  Let's face it, the ocean is sparkly. Imagine my delight when I came across a table chock full of sparkly fat quarters at The Fat Quarter Queen.

The greatest thing that I came away from the AQS Show with was pure, unadulterated inspiration from the multitude of talent that was there for the viewing. And inhaling. But ... not touching.

Thank you Arizona. Thank you AQS.  
Thank you LifeLong Friends!