Friday, September 9, 2011

~ The Thrill of the Hunt ~

After all of these years making quilts, there is definitely a hierarchy in my mind as to the thrill of the process, and to me ... the absolute peak of the thrill is in this, the second step. The first step is putting my idea about the theme and layout on paper which is splendid fun, believe me, but the second step involves picking out the fabrics and that ... my dear, colorful friends ... is what it's all about.

Another important point to understand is that this step is accomplished in the privacy of my teeny-tiny sewing room, not amidst the shelves and shelves of bolts at a fabric store. Oh ... don't get me wrong ... I spend plenty of time in fabric stores, but when I purchase my fabric it is not neccessarily with any specific project in mind, I simply purchase fabric because it speaks to me and I am forced to buy it.

Then ... when the hallowed second step is at hand ... I peruse the (slightly smaller) stacks of fabric in my own, personal store. I pull them down, sometimes cutting off strips and snippets and make a huge, delightful mess. This step can be frowned upon at the fabric store, but it's welcomed and in fact, heartily encouraged here.

Now I will go on to say that this particular pile of wavy blue heaven was purchased over a year ago and I did have a particular project in mind when I purchased it. Odd.

Today I am forced to stay at home while my freshly painted front door dries. I'll be working on the third step in the process ... joining the fabric with the idea in wedded bliss.

Today is a good day.
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  1. Your fabric and rick rack look great. You're my kind of quilter.