Friday, March 27, 2015

~ Pixie Dust ~

I'll forgo the apologies for having not blogged for 1/4 of a year ... and just move on to the good stuff. 

You may notice that my work in this post is decidedly sea-less
There's a good reason for that.

I am helping out a friend who is putting on a charity event called
Tavi's Fairy Festival

in honor of sweet  Tavi Cook who touched everyone she knew with her sweet happy spirit and delight in all things that are Fairie-related and sprinkled with Pixie Dust.

Go here to read all about it and get to know Tavi.

I made this wall-hanging (25"W x 36"L) which will be one of many things with a fairie theme to be auctioned off. The proceeds will go to local (southern Cal) charities benefiting women and children.

I've called it Enlightening as the flowers are sprinkled ... and good things grow.

I have my friend Kelley Smith to thank for the original artwork which I enlarged (by hand) and then transferred to fabric.
(Apparently I can draw an octopus, but I can't draw a fairie).

Her original drawing was for a stained-glass window which was just perfect for me as I need to work without a lot of small detail.

I am also making a slew of girlie-sized sun glass cases (they will come complete with the sun glasses inside) with a magic starfish wand on the back fit perfectly for a California Girl.

My work is ... quite literally ... cut out for me.

This entire process has been nothing but pure JOY!
I love the work,

 I love the cause.

Join us if you can on the evening of April 18th in Ladera Ranch (southern Orange Co) CA.

Expect to go home covered in sparkles.