Wednesday, August 13, 2014

~ Repurposing: Pillow Covers ~

I have spent more time this summer (when I have been sewing) on household projects than on Sea Quilts projects ... I cannot tell a lie.

For instance: I decided I wanted a new shower curtain in my guest bathroom, even though the one I had was pretty much in brand-new condition. At the same time, I had become aware of the fact that my porch pillows had seen one too many rainstorms. I was feeling guilty about unnecessary money to be spent on either one.

That is until I figured out that I could solve both problems simultaneously.

Since my shower curtain was of the water resistant variety, I just cut that baby up and made new pillow slips for the old faded porch pillows. By utilizing the already stitched side seams on the shower curtain, I saved oodles of time.  In fact I cut and sewed up all three in less than an hour.

Next, I found myself in the market for yet another white throw pillow for my bedroom. Which ... I needed about as much as a new shower curtain.
Or holes in my head.

In the course of another project -- a major, whole house purge -- I came across two embroidered napkins I had purchased about 20 years ago for some long forgotten project. (True story. Sad, but true story.)
I dug into my pile of pre-made pillow forms and found myself a down (feather) one, the same size as the napkins.

I stitched them together along the inside of the hem edges (with the right sides facing out) leaving an opening at the top. After stuffing the pillow form in, I finished sewing around it by machine. (This is where the down pillow form came in handy, as it more easily squished out of the way as I sewed that final seam.) This was a 15 minute project.

It's been a good month for pillows.

It's been an even better month for grandkids, as I had all five of mine together for the first time in awhile.

I Love Summer. And grandkids.
(and pillows)