Tuesday, November 18, 2014

~ What's New? ~

I'll tell you what's new!!

Ornaments ... that's what's new.

Coastal Ornaments.

You can purchase the pattern and make your own, or ...

You can buy these, ready-to-hang babies and be good to go.

Check 'em out on my Etsy Shop and decorate your tree (or a gift, or a napkin) with 

Coastal Cheer!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

~ I Spy the Sea ~

Hello out there!  Is anyone still left?
I know I have been a very bad blogger, but I've been a very busy, bad blogger.
And that's the excuse I'm going with.

I have been very busy designing and sewing this fun, fun, fun, coastal-themed

I SPY Quilt

 You can find the pattern on my Etsy Shop.

You know you already have a stack of sea prints that you have been dying to find a place for. Well, this is the place.

Give your child some sea legs!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

~ Repurposing: Pillow Covers ~

I have spent more time this summer (when I have been sewing) on household projects than on Sea Quilts projects ... I cannot tell a lie.

For instance: I decided I wanted a new shower curtain in my guest bathroom, even though the one I had was pretty much in brand-new condition. At the same time, I had become aware of the fact that my porch pillows had seen one too many rainstorms. I was feeling guilty about unnecessary money to be spent on either one.

That is until I figured out that I could solve both problems simultaneously.

Since my shower curtain was of the water resistant variety, I just cut that baby up and made new pillow slips for the old faded porch pillows. By utilizing the already stitched side seams on the shower curtain, I saved oodles of time.  In fact I cut and sewed up all three in less than an hour.

Next, I found myself in the market for yet another white throw pillow for my bedroom. Which ... I needed about as much as a new shower curtain.
Or holes in my head.

In the course of another project -- a major, whole house purge -- I came across two embroidered napkins I had purchased about 20 years ago for some long forgotten project. (True story. Sad, but true story.)
I dug into my pile of pre-made pillow forms and found myself a down (feather) one, the same size as the napkins.

I stitched them together along the inside of the hem edges (with the right sides facing out) leaving an opening at the top. After stuffing the pillow form in, I finished sewing around it by machine. (This is where the down pillow form came in handy, as it more easily squished out of the way as I sewed that final seam.) This was a 15 minute project.

It's been a good month for pillows.

It's been an even better month for grandkids, as I had all five of mine together for the first time in awhile.

I Love Summer. And grandkids.
(and pillows)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

~ Surfboards X Nine ~

I have been furiously sewing the last few weeks because I wanted to present this triple threat of
Summer Surf Decor
 all at once.

Each of these (16" x 27" wall-hangings) is for sale (as a finished product, not just the pattern) on my

You may recognize the bottom one as the cover photo from my Moondoggie Pattern. Having had so much fun making the other two, I decided I could part with her and make a new one for myself later.

So ... here is your choice: Make your own or skip the hassle and let me mail it to you.

Either way ...
The Surf is UP this Summer!!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

~ Summertime ~

Forgive my absence, but don't expect a huge amount of activity from me this summer.

Because it's Summer!!
That's why!

Since all of my sewing is summery sewing, it won't surprise anyone that I have been sewing some waves.

And catching some.

I don't actually surf, but I did take the ferry yesterday at Balboa Island with two of my sunny grandchildren. It was heavenly.

 I wish you all a summer filled with sunlight and water.

Friday, May 16, 2014

~ Not Singing the Blues ~

Don't ask me why ... but I had a driving need to sew something other than blue.
I needed to sew some pink and some green and some orange.
I really, really enjoyed it.

It has been 100 degrees here in Southern California over the last few days. I'm so looking forward to summer and its bright happy colors ... and possibly cooler temperatures.

Make your sunglasses happy this summer with these happy cases.

You can find them here!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

~ Eight Armfuls of Angst ~

I'm not sure why it took me so long to finish this one, but I have ...

... and I'm happy!!

Wait ... maybe it was because I had tremendous trouble sewing with this lovely blue metallic thread. It pretty much broke one or two times per wave.

I changed to a metallic needle, adjusted my tension about 16 times and yelled out loud to no one in particular.

I finally had a measure of success when I switched the thread to a horizontal rather than a vertical position.

Ah, who cares!

He is done and he is cute as a button (admit it.)

He is also up on my Etsy Shop and you can find him here.

Always.  Worth.  The.  Effort.