Wednesday, September 21, 2011

~ Oh Lighten Up ~

I have only lived in my home for about 7 and a half months, but the bedroom has been an evolving issue that I am happy to say I finally resolved. While still in AZ and planning for my new home, it was all about ... nautical. I figured that I was close to the beach and I wanted to show off my seafaring ways.

Except that try as I might, I could not warm up to the cool colors. And the masculinity. And the lack of femininity.

So a couple of months ago, I found some new sheets. No more nautical stripes ... I wanted rich florals to put some girly into my room.

Except ... that was right either. It wasn't until a couple of weeks later (having slept on the sheets and washed them and rendered them "unreturnable") that I realized the problem lay with the dark colors of the sheets and the dark blue pictures/plates over the bed. Not willing to run right out and purchase yet another set of sheets, I just pulled my mattelasse cover up (instead of folding it down), found a new accent pillow in the pile o' pillows in my closet and (ok, I admit it)  purchased the two rectangular plates, combining them with others I already owned.

I am in love with my new room. I swear to you I sleep better. I know that I breathe better.

The new plates were purchased at HomeGoods. The others are old enough that I haven't a clue.

It's enough to make a girl sigh.

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  1. Hi Mary,
    LoVe the dishes instead of the old prints of sailing ships.
    You've lightened the mood beautifully!
    I still like your blue floral sheets though,
    they add a punch of color to all the white.
    How about adding a bit of a flat cotton lace edging to the top sheet
    my creative seamstress friend ?
    Just thinking out loud...

  2. Isn't that funny how we do sleep better when we love the decor. Even a new set of sheets make me happy. I have some sheets that I can't bear to sleep on because they are depressing. lol! I love your new decor in your bedroom. It was beautiful before and it is beautiful now!
    Thank you for your sweet comment at my place Mary.

  3. I, too, love the evolution, but I have a different theory about why you're never satisfied with your room: It is the only room in the house where you left the original khaki walls alone, whereas everything else you painted in cool shades of blue (your love of which is evident on this blog). Even though your bedroom walls are a lovely color, you have never been one for warms or neutrals!