Friday, September 23, 2011

~ Just Dotty ~

My love of dots dates back to my childhood ... and that is a lot of dating, if you get my drift. I saw this picture in Better Homes & Gardens and immediately added it to the "file". I love the contrast of the different colors ... and different sizes ... amid the dottiness. The fact that some checks and toile are thrown in the mix, just makes my heart skip a beat.

I love these blue dot pillows that breathe happiness into my guest room. Again ... the contrast with the calico is actually what pulls the formula together: Dots + PrettyMuchAnything = Happy.

And then there is "the stash". Percentage-wise, I have so many dots that I am pretty much obligated to put some in (almost) every quilt that I sew.

I try to live up to my obligations as an upstanding citizen.

How about you? What pattern consistently makes you sigh?

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  1. So much to admire in that photo Mary! Love the colors, and I love dots too! I think I've had a polka dot dress of some sort for each and every era since my childhood, can't help it, they simply make me feel good. Wonderful post! Adding you to my blog love by the way, and thank you for including me, hugs tami