Monday, September 26, 2011

~ Red & Turquoise have a Party ~

I happen to have some very talented daughters. (And yes, one very talented son.) Daughter # 2 has a particular eye for detail. And color. And ... delicious food.

Last weekend she put together this party ... for a one year old ... creating a veritable feast for the eyes and for the tastebuds. All of the lucky guests got to have a cake pop -- and eat it too.

Everything was color-coordinated and yes ... everything was labeled. Even the condiments stood up and saluted.

The water was more like H2 ... ooooh! It was almost hard to break up their little team of cold and colorful unity.

In spite of all that beauty and color, the guest of honor still stood in the spotlight.

Perfectly dressed in the appropriate colors, of course.

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  1. Everything about this party is adorable...especially your little grandsweetie!
    I love the color combo and all the little details!

  2. She's so adorable. As much as I think my granddaughter is the cutest, I really thing yours IS!

  3. Clearly, I'm not daughter #2, though I often wish I was. Such a great party, but no surprise to me.

    (p.s. Yes, I'm going back and commenting on your posts. I FINALLY added you to my reader, so I won't get so far behind anymore.)