Friday, August 30, 2013

~ Sea Escape ~

This baby of mine has actually been completed for a short time now, but with all the surfboards/patterns, she hasn't had a proper photo shoot.

I have found that it's quite difficult to get the silvery shimmer on the water ... on film.

But trust me ... there's a lot of shimmer going on here.

Which extends down to the froth and the foam. 

And the sand.

 The stars simply lie on the sand.
This wall hanging is 25" wide x 36" long just like the others.

I can't decide whether or not to go with another seascape next, or one of the other things on that very long list in my head.
A great many lists have been made on paper, but the one in my head seems to always take precedence.

I love the Sea.
Can ya tell?

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  1. This is absolutely beautiful!! Like the sea, your talents are endless!!