Thursday, August 2, 2012

~ Water Colors ~

I often reserve my Saturday morning for exploring the local landscape and seascape.  Last Saturday I went down to "The Strands" at Dana Point.  I was so, so delighted to find that the sidewalk alone was worthy of the time that I spent. 
Get a load of these waves! 

And fish!

And crabs!
Oh, I was definitely not feelin' crabby.

Because, for starters ... this was my view.

And this ...

And this ...

And on closer inspection ... this!

This is my palette: turquoise + ocean blues + a touch of pink.

What's your palette??

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  1. Thankyou for sharing those amazing pictures. The jewel like colours of the sea and the surrounding fauna will always be my favourite.

  2. What a fabulous view, Mary! I feel happier just looking at your photos - thanks so much for sharing them.


  3. I've been to Dana Point a very long time ago. It is so beautiful there and I want to thank you for sharing your pictures to refresh my memory. They are just lovely.

  4. That view is amazing! And I love the sea creations on the sidewalk. My colors are sandy colors this week!

  5. Wonderful views of the PacifiC. Happy Saturday to you!

  6. I am sitting in my living room enjoying your views and you know what? Those colors surround me here.