Monday, August 13, 2012

~ The Eastern Sea ~

I've been gone.  On vacation.
Although, let me make one thing perfectly clear: I was not sitting around ... vacating.
I was walking miles of pavement and absorbing years of history and laughing heartily.
I was with my son and his wife.
They live in Brooklyn, NY.

There are weeks worth of pictures from our forays into the Big City.  Today I am just concentrating on the day we drove up to Connecticut, visited Yale and ended up on this little stretch of beach on The Sound.
I'm a little bruised from pinching myself.  Yes ... this bucolic beauty is very real indeed.

 For starters there was this very charming lighthouse.
I love my SoCal beaches ... but I am not seeing lighthouses on my walks there.

The water was very warm and lovely.  The sand was darker than I am used to.

The sun as you can see ... is setting over the water.
This is because we were situated east of the Long Island Sound.
I foolishly asked, "Why is the sun setting in the West?" as a way to express how odd that was.
My son is still laughing.
At me.  Not with me.

The sunset was incredible.

As were the lobster rolls.

We were so busy doing stuff for three days that I never bought any souveniers.
Not even a foam Statue of Liberty headband.

Before we left the beach, I picked up these beauties to add to my collection of shells.
These, combined with umpteen wonderful memories are fine souveniers indeed.

What's your vote: East Coast Beach or West Coast Beach??  
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  1. These are great photos. Thank you for sharing. :)

  2. From the prairie I vote both! Beautiful photos!

  3. I lived in CT for a few years, but don't think I have seen this particular lighthouse! Lovely shots!! I love both coasts, but the waters on the West Coast are just too cold for me.

  4. WEST!!!!!!!! (yes, I'm shouting!)

  5. Living in the middle of the country any beach for me is a treat but the west coast shoreline wins out.

  6. great shots! love the lighthouse and your shells.

  7. Hello! I will be featuring your photos on my blog this weekend. Be sure to stop by and pick up your featured button! Thanks again for sharing on Marvelous Mondays!