Tuesday, December 6, 2011

~ Yes, Virginia ~

At my house, Santa has not only come to town, he has brought a lot of relatives with him. Most of them are staying in my Family Room.

Some of them hold toys ... some of them hold trees ... and some of them hold more smaller Santas inside.

One of them sings a very hokey version of "You'd better watch out" when you press his hand, but trust me, he is one of the most loved.

This one above has been designated as an official play thing for my grandson, Mr. Gee. He knows he can nest and un-nest them to his hearts desire.

All of them look really old. None of them really are.

Lot's of them still have the Marshalls price tags stuck to the bottom.

These lighter colored ones earned a place in the living room with the greens and the blues.

These one even has a little bit of pink to go with my new pillows.

This one has a coat of blue which tickles me pink.

This one is the most recognizable as an art form. It's a beautiful Jim Shore that I cherish for his patchwork hem ...

... and the village he wears on his bowl full of jelly.

Oh yes, Virginia (I really truly do have a daughter named Virginia) there is indeed a Santa Claus. You still believe that don't you?
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  1. Love all these Santa's. I am going to go out this weekend and try to pick up a few interesting Santa's for my house! This is my inspiration.

  2. I have those same nesting Santas, love them. Laura

  3. Oh yes, I do believe & LoVe your Santa land Mary!

  4. One look at your blog and it's true love - love your colors, title, your Santa collection - what joy! I'm glad to be your newest follower, thanks for visiting me at Ms. Redo.


  5. Ha Mary, I thought I was the only one that still had Marshall tags on stuff! Such cute Santas!