Monday, December 19, 2011

~ Seeing Red ~

Although at one time red was a staple in my decorating scheme, it hasn't been for years. And in my new home, there are only touches of red in my studio ... what with all that fabric and all. However, at Christmas red sparkles as it adds a certain colorful detail announcing the season. From berries ...

... to some very special candles that were a Christmas gift my very first, married, Christmas and I cherish them.

Because I have a lot of blue, I love to see it contrast with those touches of red.

I exchanged the brown clock in my family room with this red one from my studio. Is it a clock ... or is it a piece of candy that can tell time? Hard to say.

More berries on a wreath that is hung on a wall, but will soon make it's way to the front door. The live wreath on my front door is now officially deader than a doornail. Shame.

I hung this sparkly ornament on the guestroom door so my grandson feels right at home.

I love the red trim around this pillow. I love that the pillow is blue but still hits you in the heart with that lovely red trim.

Last, but not least, I put a touch of red in the guest bathroom. Every so often I have some fun with my Bernina that embroiders.

I will miss the red when it is gone in a couple of weeks, but I'll squeeze out every ounce of scarlet goodness while I can.

I wish you a pre Christmas week that is full of joy and devoid of stress. That is the plan around here.

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  1. Those candles are my most vivid Christmas decor memories from childhood. (I can still see them on a side table in the family room at Lewis Ave.)

    Lovely red accents.

  2. I'm a big fan of blue and red together, so I loved this post! The red clock is adorable.

  3. Everything is always so beautiful here.