Tuesday, December 27, 2011

~ Christmas Withdrawal ~

I think it is a very good sign that I had such a lovely Christmas ... I forgot to take any pictures of it. I seriously did not take a single picture of Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. But trust me ... some fun and delicious meals were eaten around my table on both of those occasions.

Including one raucous game of Phase 10, once the dishes were cleared. I did not win that game because I got a late start. I'm sticking with that story.

Even though the Christmas Cards also had a late start, I filled my sleigh to the brim with them. I love, love, love Christmas cards. I hope they keep coming this week. I harbor NO ill feelings towards anyone who sends them late. Zip.

One of the most favorite parts of my holiday weekend was the chance to get to know this little guy, who is way too cute for his own good. When he leaves, I will have to wean myself off of his presence. It won't be easy, trust me.

I was also worried about weaning myself off of Christmas music, but yesterday when I turned on the All Christmas Station I was delightfully surprised to see that they were way ahead of me. For all of yesterday they were playing a ratio of one holiday song to two non-holiday. I can't thank them enough. I really needed that extra bit of help.

Good bye to Christmas of 2011. You were absolutely fabulous.

Now ... I'm off to undecorate the tree.


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  1. Hi Mary, I can't believe no photos! It is a good sign you were having such a nice time that all was forgotten. Good for you. Happy New Year now.

  2. I love your sunshiney photos. My house seems pretty cave like this time of year. Love that dog, what kind is it? Looks so cute, what a face.

    Happy New Year! xo

  3. Happy New Year!

    (I keep our tree going til about a week after Jan. 1 - it just breaks my heart to take it and other decorations down!!!)

    Sand and Sea
    (aka beachside cottage)