Monday, September 3, 2012

~ One Year Thanks and ... Discounts ~

So ... my one year anniversary of the launch of this ...  my Sea Quilts blog ... falls this weekend.
One year ago, I put up the (above) picture of my "Thar She Blues" quilt and asked you to be my friend.

You agreed and we pretty much lived happily ever after.

The happiest part of this adventure was becoming your friend and (thank you linky parties) seeing hundreds of your blogs and ideas and photos and ... fun. I can claim friends all over the world that I did not know one year ago. 
Isn't this an amazing world we live in that makes that possible??!

I spent most of this year sewing my brains out and 3 months ago launched my Etsy Shop where I am selling the patterns to the quilts and pillows that have consumed my time ... and brains.

In thanks, I would like offer a discount to those blog friends who stop by to check it out this coming week. (If you saw this here today ... you are my friend!)

Just enter the Discount Code:


and you will receive 20% off any of the patterns ... and even the completed pillows.

Thanks for your support and friendship.
(Now ... shouldn't a birthday involve cake?)


  1. What a sweet idea! Congrats on your first year. Here's to many more... And why not have a bit of cake to celebrate :).