Wednesday, September 19, 2012

~ The Autumn Seashore ~

Here is my design wall this morning.

The temps will still hit the 90s this week here in southern Cal ...

... but I am officially declaring it autumn.

In trying to decide just how I would merge this season with the sea, I chose to light up some jack o'lanterns with sea life. Then while in the process of drawing said pumpkins, I remembered that I had drawn pumpkins before.
In another life, under another (pattern) name, I had published a pattern for a 90s era folk-art fall wall hanging.  I have long since grown weary of the fabrics in it, but I decided that since I had drawn the pumpkins in the first place ... I could copy my own design.

Then ... I started thinking ... why not copy the whole dang thing?
I knew I wanted calmer sea colors and I wanted to add some light to the pumpkins, but it seemed a good idea not to try and reinvent this particular wheel.

So I got out my pattern and I followed it.

Having recently been to the beach and become fond of all the lovely lavender, I knew what color the flowers would be.

I kept my print palette to dots, stripes and solids.

I vow to have this pattern up on my Etsy Shop ...
not next week, but the week after.

Next week I will be immersed in a class taught by this master quilter.

I feel cooler already!
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  1. The lavender sure adds a pretty pop of color. We have to just pretend it's Fall here in Florida, too!

  2. Super cute! I'd love for you to link up your project to Do Something Crafty Friday:

  3. WOW! that looks like a lot of work. I think I'm going to leave the quilting to the experts. You are amazing! Oh, and I feel ya on the weather. I feel like I'm supposed to be pulling out my fall stuff, but its still blazing hot where we are!

  4. Your work is always beautiful and this is absolutely charming Mary!