Sunday, September 16, 2012

~ white wash ~

If you couldn't tell by now ... I'm a "phase" kind of gal.  Meaning, I go through a (new decorating/color) phase, I make some changes, I enjoy the phase.

Until, I inevitably move on to a new one.

I will, however, state in my defense that there is a short list of my phases ... I'm not ALL over the place.

Because there are a finite number, sooner or later I come back to phases that have been my friends before.

Which is also economical, since I keep stashes of certain basic phase components.

Maybe because it's been so SO hot here the last week or maybe because the cream has risen to the top as they say ...

But, I am feeling the need for some uncluttered white.
I'm loving my bathrooms.
I feel cooler already.

How about you?  Are you a phase kind of gal?

Please tell me that you are.
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  1. I am totally a phase kind of gal! Which makes it really hard for me to focus on any one thing on my blog...its one thing for awhile and then something else depending on my moods. Beautiful pictures, by the way!

    I have my first linky party going on right now too, if you'd care to come link up!
    There are no rules involved :).