Monday, October 1, 2012

~ Sister Act ~

I cannot tell a lie ... I have been gone.
For ten (count 'em 10) days.
I left the beach and travelled to the woods.

I spent a week in Sisters, Oregon.
Think of it as a little bit of heaven.

My purpose in going there was to hang out with a bunch of fabulous friends and to attend a weeklong class taught by Gloria Loughman.  She is a purely delightful Aussie who has talent up the wazoo.
Her work can be seen on her wall o'samples above.
And here.

I worked hard every day and then laughed myself silly every night.

I tried to encorporate some of her techniques ... like "tiling" my sky and ... inserting a picture within a picture.

Here is a sampling of some of the "skies" from around the classroom.  I was in awe of all the artistic flair  and pretty much considered myself the new kid in class.

While the week was spent in class it was sandwiched in between two weekends with these splendid ... Sisters.

Once again I cannot lie ... the bread was my favorite part of the trip. 
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