Wednesday, April 4, 2012

~ Color Day: White ~

Can anyone remember what their 7th grade art teacher taught them about white?  If I remember correctly, white is not the absence of color, it is actually the combination of all colors.

Please correct me if I am wrong ... and validate me if I'm right.
With all my talk of color ... the truth is ... I am probably most known as a person who loves white.  As you can see, I have it on my front porch.

On slipcovers.


Cottonballs.  (I'm am aware that's not unique.) 

Frames on the wall.

Plates on the wall.

Bedspreads. (I haven't had anything but white spreads in more than 15 years.)

Frames for the babies.

Kitchen accessories.  (And yes, the flour and sugar inside are ... you guessed it ... white.)

Clothing.  (This is just one of a multitude of white sweaters that I own.)

And ... when given the choice ... I will pick white for everyday objects to brighten my day. Including my car.

White brightens other colors and is brightened by other colors.  It soothes and it simplifies.

White is simply the best.
Don't you agree?

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