Sunday, September 22, 2013

~ Pinkalicious ~

My granddaughter Penelope recently turned three.  This was the first year she really had an opinion as to how her birthday party should play out and what the theme should be.  When asked that very question, her answer was ...

~ PINK ~

Penelope wanted a Pink Party.
Her mom was more than happy to oblige.

You might say she was tickled ... Pink.

So ... there were pink cake pops and pink pretzels.

Pink candies and pink water.

There were pink pinwheels and a pink bounce house.

Penelope was appropriately dressed in ... well, you get the picture.

Unfortunately, I did not get the picture.  Once the party started, I was too busy having fun to take a picture of my Pink Penelope at her Precious Pink Party.

Just imagine a plethora of pink topped off by a head of curls.

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  1. Thank you for sharing in the Pinkalicous fun!