Monday, April 22, 2013

~ Mer-ternal Twins: Finished at Last! ~


I have to explain why it took me SO long to finish these latest additions to my Etsy Shop.

Number One:  There were two of them.
Number Two: About two weeks were taken out due to travelling and illness.

I might add a Number Three which was the fact that the hair on each of my little mermaids, took as long to design, cut, arrange and quilt as the rest of the quilt combined.

But when all was said and done, I was thrilled.

Each wall hanging is made exclusively with batiks, with the exception of the backs of the scales which are a variety of dupioni silks.  Each sister faces in a different direction, has her scales arranged in her own way, and has a somewhat unique hair style.

I am selling them separately.  Here.  And Here.
However, I would love it if they weren't separated. 
Twins hate that.

What do you think I should name them?
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  1. Gorgeous! How about naming them Lorilea and Lorilie?

  2. What beautiful and vibrant colors! The hair looks great. I love mermaids too! I'm title challenged, but I do think they're very pretty.

  3. WOW, Mary! These are beautiful. Thank you for joining the Open House party.