Thursday, July 5, 2012

~ Peachy Keen ~

I hope that your Fourth of July celebration was just swell.
Or at least as peachy as mine.
I began the day by making a peach pie.  I made one last year for the Fourth so this is clearly an annual tradition.

I'm not much of a baker, but I do like making pies.  This stems from a moment barely 3 months into married life where I took a pumpkin pie to my family's Thanksgiving celebration ... with a 1/4" thick crust.  Picture it this way ... it's as if the pumpkin filling was sitting on a layer of Lorna Doones.
I vowed on that day that I would learn how to make a decent pie crust ... and I did.

Years later, after I had perfected my crust ... but before I had a graphics program on my computer ... I passed out this recipe at a Church get together.  By way of explaination:
Shortening = Crisco's Butter Flavored Shortening
Putting the prepared/unbaked crust filled pie plate into the freezer first, sucks some of the moisture out of it (that's what a "self-defrosting" freezer does) and thereby makes it flakier.

Here is my completed peach pie.  I got the filling recipe from 

Flaky ... and Patriotic.
A winning combo, indeed.

I saw these Sailboat Deviled Eggs at Completely Coastal  and made them for our celebration. I think deviled eggs are always nummy.
These were Nummy ... and Nautical.

Here's my latest project on the design wall. Stay Tuned.

Did I mention that we watched the fireworks here in SoCal with sweatshirts on?  I actually saw a woman walk by in a down coat.  That was not necessary ... but it was chilly.
I watched with a five-year old on my lap and felt warm and cozy. Since the majority of the firework's shows I have attended were in 100+ degree temps, I am not complaining at all.

Do tell ... how was your celebration??

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  1. Your peach pie looks incredible!

  2. I love the little egg boats - yummy and stylish at the same time!