Sunday, July 1, 2012

~ Color Day: Red, White, Blue ~

Truth be told ... I really don't have any red in my home, other than at Christmas.  But I revel in red whenever I see it ... and I love to see it in the summer!

This picture above was taken last weekend at Balboa Island in Newport Beach. Just a fun little beach house along my walk that wanted to stand up and salute.
There are also umpteen fun little shops on Balboa and I saluted almost every single one.

This piece of patriotic happiness is from a trip to San Franciso two summers ago.
Taken on Pier 39 (duh) ... on a clear and sunny day.

This is actually wallpaper from a friend's beach house.
I hung out in that bathroom probably longer than I should have ... just to inhale it's beauty.

OK ... so this letter "S" is in my studio.
It stands for ... Studio.
Or Sewing. Or Sea
Or Sand or Sun.

This small quilt ... I want to say I made it around 2007 ... is from a Jo Morton pattern.
With my own embellishments.
It's almost impossible for me to follow someone else's pattern exactly, which I find highly annoying.

This boat with it's own red, white and blue flag is from my Permanent Wave quilt.
You can find that pattern here.

These fireworks are from 2008 in Tempe AZ.
I suspect that at the moment I took this picture the temperature was still topping 100 degrees.

That made no difference, whatsoever.
Because I love fireworks.

Happy Birthday America.
Hooray for the Red, White and Blue!
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  1. I don't have red in my home either..., orange yes.
    Love the pier flag!!

  2. I have little touches of red in my home. I love it! The flags on the wallpaper are so neat! I would stay longer in the bathroom to admire it just like you did.

  3. I love your design of the boat on the wave. I have touches of red throughout my home. I love feels like energy!