Monday, June 25, 2012

~ Inspiration ~

I went to the beach over the weekend.

I walked on the Sand.

I inhaled the Surf.

I gazed at the Sky.

Then I came home and gathered together this pile of nautical goodness.

I'm sewing my brains out while still high on that ocean inspiration.

How about you?  What inspired you this weekend?
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  1. That is incredible! I love the ocean and can't wait to get to the beach. But of course here in FL we are waiting to see what this storm will bring. I worked on a beach bag yesterday using a towel but I made it WAY to complicated and I need to make another one now with what I've learned! Love your photos!

  2. I so love our Sunday coastal walks... and recently we've been going early evening when the sun is lower, and people gone..., just wonderful.

  3. I see the ocean mood is strong in you! This polka-dots galore is enough to keep a girl happy... for days in a row! If I had a quilt like that, I'd love it just as much as my baby blanket :)