Saturday, June 9, 2012

~ Beach Brights ~

I went to the beach this week.
Oh yeah.
I spend a lovely afternoon in the shade of these colorful umbrellas with my uber-talented artist friend
Kelley ... aka Glamma Fabulous.

We discussed everything under the sun.
And in the shade.
We dipped our toes in the salty water and our hands in the bag of cookies.
It was all very colorful.

While downloading my pictures, I came across this one from over a year ago.
Different SoCal beach.  Same lively colors.

Then I started searching and found these from a NoCal trip in the summer of '10.
On the boardwalk in Santa Cruz.

Just when you think that beach and coast and sea are synonymous with cool, calming colors ...

Think again, my friend.
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  1. The umbrella photos are captivating. It sounds like you know how to have some serious fun. I don't think I've been to the beach for a few years now.