Saturday, June 16, 2012

~ Breathing Room ~

This last week I discovered a brand new room in my home.  It's called "My Office".  Previously my office was part of another room called "TheOffice/Studio/Room O'Chaos/Mess".

The picture above is the only one I could find of the old set-up.  The office portion is over to the right where my computer sat on a teeny-weeny corner of my quilting table and where the paperwork/office supplies/lessons/patterns constantly spilled over onto the cutting table. 

This is my view from my sewing machine now.  Only my relatively flat lightbox sits on the corner of that table now.  Its former home was in the hall.  The printers are no longer under the table.  Until a couple of weeks ago, the only way to access my color printer was on my hands and knees.
True story.

This is my office space now.  The table and other organizational shelves/drawers were all just sitting in my garage, begging to be given a (spacious) home.

I cannot tell a lie.  This space was created because I took out one of the two twin beds that had been in the guest room.  The bed that is left will be replaced by a bunkbed in time, so that no guest accomodations will have been officially sacrificed.

The laser printer sits on the table and requires no scooting and no bending.

I did purchase 2 lovely baskets (from Ross ... and yes, they were cheap) that are the exact same lovely aqua color as the walls.

I. Am. Giddy.

The new color printer/scanner (the old one bit the dust before any of this process started) sits behind me.  Because it wasn't 6 years old like my last one, it can be accessed via WiFi and doesn't need to take up valuable desk space.

My precious pattern files fit perfectly into my other new basket. Each file represents one of my eight quilt patterns on Etsy Soon there will be nine.

Thank you to Daughter #1 who suggested this idea.
Thanks to Daughter #2 and her handsome hubby who did all the heavy lifting to make this possible.
Thanks to all four of my children for lying by saying they don't care if they have to sleep in a bunk bed.

And thanks to YOU for listening to this incredibly boring story.
And for being happy for me anyway.

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  1. I am VERY happy for you! What a wonderful space and something you really need. I spent part of my day trying to organize my sewing space. It got out of control! We need a room where we have our supplies and can find things! You've created a wonderful space and I know your family understands and is proud of you!

  2. (came to visit via sew happy geek) Isn't it great when things are in order? I always seem to re organizing and always looking for ideas, thanks for the great photos!

  3. I came here from Completely Coastal, which I know through Caron's Beach House - your quilts are beautiful and inspiring!
    I founded a blanket/quilt-making guild at Seattle Children's Hospital in memory of my daughter, and we make very simple quilts. You have inspired me to think a little differently! Thank you. Please check us out (Katie's Comforters Guild): and on facebook!