Friday, January 6, 2012

~ San Franciso Treats ~

As promised (a few posts ago) here are my pictures of some the homes my daughter and I strolled by a week ago. We drove into the city on a misty, cold day and snapped some pictures (all I had with me was my iphone) of these scrumptious abodes. I loved the upward view on this first one and the scroll work in the gate. And the arched wooden door. And pretty much everything about it.

Take a gander at the detailed work on this one. Although the color is neutral, I love how it contrasts with the white relief.

The simplicity of the architecture and color of this one caught my eye. And my heart.

I fell in love with this pastel trio inspite of the overhead lines obstructing my view.

Naturally this blue one was my favorite. Why does that not surprise me? We didn't make it to the famous row across from the park, but I was thrilled nonetheless by the variety of these lovely ladies that never made their way into the opening credits of Full House.

Which one is your favorite?

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  1. These pictures turned out great, iPhone and all!