Thursday, January 12, 2012

~ Color Day: BLUE ~

Over Christmas I had so much fun documenting all of the red in my house (at the time) that I decided to see what I had in store in other colors. I naturally had to first go with blue, and at that I've separated it into several different groupings. Way too much blue for one post, trust me.

I start off with the vases ... with some blue flowers (and frames) as well.

Next up: Plates. And these aren't even the ones I eat off of.

Next: Fabrics. Blue curtains, placemats slipcovers, pillows and a wee bit o'blue on a needlepoint-backed chair.

More blue on some furniture and of course we can not forget ... quilts.

Last ... but not really last: (Oh, who are we kidding ... the blue is endless at my house!) A tassle.

I hope you enjoyed the Blue Tour because, as you can see, I really ... really ... enjoy the Blue.

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  1. I am loving all of the blue and white, esp. if you live by the sea. :o) Love that unique chair with the books on it!

  2. Kelli ~ that lovely needlepoint chair is a family heirloom that was mishandled by my movers. I put the books on it to discourage anyone from actually sitting on it. Sometimes practicality is the mother of creativity. Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Oh, how I love the color Blue~ what fabulous photos....
    Have a wonderful weekend~

  4. oh my Ilove blue too and that needlepoint chair..WOW!