Monday, January 23, 2012

~ Random Joy ~

Here are a few random joyful tidbits from my weekend. Let's just say that I am easy to please.

First up: I got my machine back and she hums like a kitten.

Next: I finished the bedskirt. Do the math ... 3/3's is way better than 2/3's.

I love how full and flouncy it is.

While trudging around in the rain with two of my grandkids on Saturday morning, we made a stop at Target. (Duh.) I could not resist this exquisite turquoise slicker with a polka-dot lining. I paid full price for it (and that almost never happens) and wore it out of the store. Of course by then ... it had stopped raining ... but I did not care.

I think she's the perfect compliment to my polka-dot umbrella. Don't you??

Then I spent Saturday afternoon quilting this little watery wonder. I should have her completed by the end of the week.

And how was your weekend?

Were polka-dots involved?

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