Monday, October 24, 2011

~ My Slip is Showing ~

I have always started to salivate when in the presence of slipcovered furniture.  At one point many, many years ago, I paid a man to custom make slipcovers for me and was absolutely facinated by his work.  It was a surprise to me that he didn't take the furniture with him, he cut the fabric in the exact shapes ... in some sort of a whirlwind ... while we stood and watched.  My children were most facinated by the fact that he did this while holding approximately 157 pins in his mouth.
 Several years after that, I happened upon a good quality wing chair and ottoman in a very unpleasant looking fabric for a whopping $35 at a yard sale. (Hence, my link to Nifty Thrifty Tuesday) I decided it would be a grand experiment for me, using the wing chair the talented man had slipcovered as a guide.

I cannot begin to tell you how excrutiatingly hard it was for me as a sewing project (I like to cut pieces of fabric into smaller pieces of fabric and sew them back together ... that's what I like to call a sewing project)  but I developed a system where I would work on it in the morning until I hit some sort of a snag, and then I would just go back to it the following morning.  It took me about 2-3 weeks to finish. Thank heavens for "shabby chic" which allowed for a certain amount of looseness and imperfection.

I went on to slipcover every pillow I had ever purchased (I cut up a mattelase spread for this one, utilizing the scalloped edge to my liking) but I swore I would never again slipcover furniture.

I lied.

Stay Tuned.


  1. This looks so cozy!! I love this space here.

  2. I really like your method of working until you hit a snag and putting it away until the next day! It seems simple, but takes all the stress out of a project like this! It looks so pretty, too.

  3. seriously, the guy with the pins in his mouth is one of my treasured childhood memories due to the sheer oddity of it. is that odd in itself?

  4. I also was fascinated by his electric scissors. Remeber those?

  5. The chair is beautiful. I wish I could make slip covers. They just seem incredibly overwhelming.