Saturday, October 8, 2011

~ Inspiration from the Southland ~

I spent the most lovely day today with a group of fellow bloggers from California.  We toured the oh-so-lovely shops of Old Town Orange and filled our bags to the brim with even lovelier ... free ... stuff, aka "swag".  We had a delicious lunch and listened to Mark Montano answer questions about crafting and publishing.
 As you can see every single detail was exquistely attended to.  (Although for the record ... I had Diet Coke.) It took me a half hour after I returned home to rummage through all of my goodies and a much shorter amount of time to consume some of them.

I would like to thank Paulette of Summerland Cottage for inviting me and then taking me under her wing once I was there. 

The theme was Inspire * Create * Connect.  I was definitely inspired and I cherish the connections I made.

Eh ... two out of three ain't bad.


  1. Mary thanks so much for joining us!! It was so fun to meet you today and I'm thrilled that you enjoyed the event!!

  2. I am so glad you could make it to the SoCal Social! I am glad you enjoyed yourself and had fun!
    504 Main

  3. WoW! You're quick! Was great meeting you yesterday! POP ART MINIS

  4. Hi Mary,

    Thank you for the sweet comment and email message.
    So glad you chose to come to the event and join the fun.
    Wow amazing stash, great gals, perfect weather and entertaining speaker.
    What a great day !