Monday, June 24, 2013

~ More Target Bargains ~

So ... I have an herb garden.

Those are words that I never actually expected to spill forth from this mouth.

It all started when one of my daughters tempt-texted me with a picture of some herb labels that were on sale ... you know where.

When I went to my (one of about 7 within close proximity to my home) Target, they didn't have any left in the herbs I would want to plant ... so I pretty much gave up on the idea.

Yes.  I admit it.  I was in it for the labels more than I was in it for the herbs.

However ... later in the week ... finding myself at a different Target, I found these colorful little signs sporting the names of my herbs of choice.

I actually purchased these plants at WalMart, which had a much better/healthier selection than the large home renovation store I went to earlier in the week.  Just sayin'.

The oddest part about this whole process is how thrilled I was to plant them and add their color to my porch.  Even odder is that I plan to actually cook with them.

Yes.  I said cook.

And to add to my Target bargain-y week ... I found this very plain (but oval shaped) lamp shade on yet a different day.  It cost me a whopping $11.88.

The price ... sweet.  The shade ... dull.

So using some ribbon I had owned for a couple of years (which under Section 2.8 of the Bargain Code officially pronounces it free) ...

I embellished the shade using a fabric glue stick. 

I'm not gonna lie ... I am very proud of my weekend's work.

How was your weekend?
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  1. I'm kind of with ya on the herbs. I've sort of grown them tentatively for a couple years...but I forget about them all the time when I'm actually making dinner...I mean, they're all the way outside in my backyard. :)

  2. Love your cute post on target finds! Would love for you to share at Simple & Sweet Fridays.
    New Follower!

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