Thursday, January 10, 2013

~ The View from Where I Sit ~

So ... contrary to my last post, I actually didn't get back to the business of sewing until yesterday.  And when I did, it wasn't on my new project from that post, it was on something more urgent, which shall be revealed later.

The moment I sat in my chair and looked around ... I felt soooo content and happy.  My studio is one of the smaller ones you will ever see, but it brings me so much joy to be there.

I snapped some pictures of my view from that chair as I work, and it got me to thinking.

What are YOUR views from YOUR chair where YOU work?

Here are mine:

The view from behind my command post, looking front right.

Front and left. 

Directly to my left.
I'm pretty much obsessed with all things Sea Worthy.

Still looking left.  The TV is not on ... well ... because it's hardly ever on.
I do my best work in silence.
I blame that on having 4 children in 6 years.

This view directly to my right is the most colorful.
And I can't lie, one night in December ... for no particular reason ... I weeded and folded those fabrics.
Now I plan to add to them again.  That makes perfect sense ... right?

Now it's your turn.
Show me your views and comment with a link to them
I'm not trying to establish some sort of poor man's linky party.
I'm just nosy.
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