Monday, January 14, 2013

~ Around Beauty ~

Thanks to an unexpected gift card this Christmas ... I bought myself an unexpected gift.
I bought this book Around Beauty by Barbara Barry.
I was well familiar with the work of Ms. Barry but I bought the book without so much as a flip-through preview while sitting on a bench at Barnes & Noble.

I was not disappointed.

The book itself is a work of art with a lovely grosgrain bookmark ...

I have spent more time contemplating the inside liner on this book than I have spent perusing other decorating books from cover to cover.

But what I love most about this "decorating book" is that I find it to be, first and foremost, a treatise on the creative process.

I love the creative process.
I also love to hear how it works in the minds of others.

As a result, I am treating this decorating book a little differently than the others.  I am reading every word and not just flipping through the pictures.

Although the pictures do make me drool ... 
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  1. Blogs have made books a little less interesting to me as of late, however a good book is a treasure!

  2. A beautiful (made) book is something beautiful! Will always be, I believe. I love this quote from Barbara Barry: "If you look out at the waves in the ocean or the grains of sand on a beach, it's very calming because you're seeing infinite variations on the same theme."