Thursday, December 6, 2012

~ Let it Snow ~

Years ago I came across some white ... dotted ... tulle with my name on it.
I purchased several yards, not knowing at the time exactly what I would use it for.
It only took until the next Christmas for me to figure out that my fabric was in reality ... snow.

I have cut it into pieces over the years and let it flurry into blankets all over my home.
This year my snow wraps around the bottom of my winter wonderland scene on my kitchen island.

A larger piece wraps around the bottom of my smaller tree in the family room.

Another piece lays the scene on my "mantel" to compliment the snow on the roof of my winter castle.

And a couple of years ago I snipped off a little piece to go around this small white tree, which sits on my dresser this year.

In all the time I've used this fabric, I have never lived in a snowy climate.  It matters not.

This magical snow never ... ever ... melts.
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