Wednesday, May 2, 2012

~ A Fishy Story ~

With all the time I spend making quilts, I actually have very few displayed in my home.  I have a fear of overkill, if you get my drift.  However, as of last weekend there is one more Sea Quilt hanging on my walls. And it involved a lot more work and angst than the mere hanging of it, believe me.

What had previously stood on my dresser was a standing mirror. I decided that I no longer wanted to have the mirror there.  The prime function of said mirror was to hide the two large 2x4's on the wall that were left from the previous owners, which they apparently used to hang the world's largest flat screen television. 

Seriously ... there were four (count 'em 4!) bolts holding each of those wood pieces that were each 1/2" in diameter and 5 inches in length.  Removing those took almost as much time as sewing the quilt.  Not quite ... but almost. Then there was much spackling and painting involved.  I always regret later that I didn't take pictures of the process ... but really ... did you want to see that exhausting process?

What truly matters is that I now have some starfish hanging behind my cloche ... that is holding starfish.

I love starfish.

I love how my little stars are reflected in the knob on the top of my cloche, don't you?.

The most exhilirating part of the process was seeing how per-fect-ly my starfish quilt fit the space above the dresser.  Let's just pretend it as part of a master plan all along.

 I am in the process of making patterns of all of my Sea Quilts and hope to have them available by early summer.

Good Idea??
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  1. Love, love it!! And what a perfect space -meant to be!!

  2. bravo! this is sooooo lovely.

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  3. Love the beach and your blog is a beautiful reminder of time spent at the ocean. Your quilts are wonderful and I'm thrilled that you will be offering your patterns for sale. I will be first in line to buy them!

  4. Simply gorgeous! I found you through Savvy Southern Style. I'm now follow your lovely blog and can't wait to see more of your beautiful quilt creations. Have a blessed day!

  5. Great Idea, Mary!
    And your sea star quilt is just charming!

  6. This is very pretty. I love the starfish theme. What a wonderful quilt :)

  7. What a beautiful quilt! I enjoy quilting too, I just wish I had more money and time ;) Those colours are just gorgeous.

  8. I love you quilt. I want to buy one for my 2 year old grand-daughter's bed, but maybe even as a wall decor.