Thursday, May 24, 2012

~ Swedish Dots ~

After a jaunt to IKEA this last weekend, I realized that perhaps I am a tad too predictable.

Naturally I picked up these dotty ... blue dotty ... pillow covers.  They were $7 a piece ... with zippers.  I couldn't sew them for that.

I do love the irregularity of these particular dots, don't you?

Next ... on to blue dotted storage boxes.
Is there any other kind?

The only problem is that I only bought two and now I need two more.
Please IKEA don't run out of them before I can get back.

After I unpacked my loot, I discovered two things:
a) I left a darling turquoise scrub brush in the cart (oh, how I hate it when that happens) and ...
b) I still adore my blue dotted (those dots are actually light teal) glasses that I purchased on my last trip to IKEA.

Be honest ... am I in a rut ... a blue dotted rut??

PS! My binding tutorials were featured at Freckled Laundry!
Thank you Jami at Freckled Laundry.

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  1. I'm going crazy over these, too! How perfect they look with everything beachy!

  2. It's a happy, fun pattern! IKEA is always a fun trip.