Wednesday, February 29, 2012

~ Robin's Egg Blue ~

Years ago (many years ago) I cut this little picture out of a Victoria magazine and placed it in this little frame where it has since remained. I loved those pale blue eggs. I love pale blue ... along with a host of other blues.

Just recently one of my daughters gave me some pale blue egg ... soaps. They came in a different container but I placed them in this small etched bowl that I got on sale at Anthropologie ... also years ago.

I do believe that the eggs also came from Anthropologie. I love Anthropologie.

I love the little speckles.

I love how the little speckles match the brown straw.

I loved this picture that I came upon here (at JBiggsLittlePieces), so much so that I added it to my Pinterest Board that I like to call ... Just. Pretty.

I'm addicted to pale blue eggs. And to Anthropologie.

And to Pinterest.
How about you?

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  1. So cute! I love robin's egg blue. I don't get them here but im thinking I'll make some out of clay.

    Love your vignette.

  2. The soaps look almost real...and yes, I have the same addictions! ;o)

  3. My favorite color! The eggs are the prettiest shade of blue . Thanks for joining the Open House Party.
    xo, Sherry