Thursday, January 2, 2014

~ Just Nesting ~

Happy New Year!

It was an absolutely magical Christmas for me this year, both in my own home and in my 10 days of travel.
When I first put up my decorations, I felt a panic about the shorter season and told myself that when I returned (on January 1st) I would give myself permission to leave the tree and the decor and the lights up for longer if I wanted to.

Yeah ... I took them all down within 24 hours of my arrival home.
I'm like that.

Well, I hope you revelled in a wonderful season yourself.  I also hope that if you want to leave your decorations up that you will indeed.  And if you want them down, I wish that process to go speedily.

Don't you love my nesting dolls?!? I have collected them for years, but these are very special ones.  They were personally hand picked (duh ... look at the colors) for me by my son and his wife ... on a trip to Russia this fall.

So curl up or clean up.  Just look ... up ... in 2014!

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  1. What beautiful nesting dolls! I love these colors, too....the colors of the sea! Happy New year my friend! Hugs, Diane