Thursday, November 1, 2012

~ Sea-sonal Topiary ~

Whew.  I finished it.  I sewed down most of the binding last night ...

 ... while handing out candy to my four (count 'em 4!) groups of trick-or-treaters. I was actually pretty excited since that was four (count 'em 4!) times the number of groups I had last year.
My house is not really easy to get to.

 I just love my new tablerunner ... and the pattern that is available for you, so that you too can have a lovely Coastal Christmas.
No matter where you live.

It took me some time because I fused and then quilted 55 scallop shells onto my topiary.

It was a wonderful exercise in machine quilting.  That is not usually my favorite part of the process but in this case it was just one of my favorite parts.
Actually, I have to say that I enjoyed every part of making this one.

In fact, the back brings me a lot of JOY also.

So ... what do you think?  Did I do my original inspiration justice?
Thank you again to Romantic Homes ... November 2011.

Please stop by my Etsy Shop and pick up a pattern.
Now that Halloween is over you can officially jump feet first into the Holidays.

I have.
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