Wednesday, March 14, 2012

~ St. Patty ~

This weekend we are celebrating all things Green.  And rainbows and leprechauns. And Lucky Charms cereal.  I have lots to celebrate on St. Patrick's Day every year, but I wanted to start out by celebrating a rainbow of colors ...

... in thread. 

I had purchased some bins to help to organize what can only be described as a chaotic web of color and string in my studio. 

I separated the shiny threads from the not-shiny's.
My camera was drawn toward the shiny's.

All right!  Here is a before picture of the chaos.  Let's just say that a year ago when I moved in there was some purpose here, but I can't exactly remember what it was. 

Here is the finished product with all the little soldiers in a row and ready for action.

Thirty (some-odd) years ago, I celebrated St. Patty's by giving birth to daughter #2. Let's just say I wasn't looking my best and I didn't think I cared. 

That is until the nurse shift changed and in walks my new friend ... a darling red-head sporting this button on her nurses uniform.

I gave my husband a look that said  ... uh, don't ... and he went back to coaching my breathing.

When our little "Irish" girl was born, we took turns kissing her.
Happy Birthday to Mrs. Gee!

I am honoring the day in rainbow colors!

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  1. fun post..have fun celebrating...happy birthday to your girl!

  2. These are so beautiful to look at. Like art!